Catching Up With An Old Friend

Lunch Catch Up
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01309

Today I went to lunch with an old friend of mine, Derek. He and his family were home for a visit to his parents. He had reached out a while back to say that the next time he was home we should catch up. He had a lot of things going on this week but we were able to squeeze in a lunch at Boneyard BBQ.

Of course, he caught me while I was out to breakfast with Allison this morning. We had attended the parent’s meeting at Feehan this morning to discuss ways in which we could help out and volunteer at the high school. Then we went to Cafe Locale for our breakfast and Derek texted me that he had time for lunch today. Well I didn’t want to miss my one opportunity to hang out so I said sure and we met up at Boneyard.

We had a really nice meal and conversation together. It was good to catch up after such a long time. It is nice to know that friends can go off and live their lives and then when you come back together for a time it is as if nothing ever changed. It was a very nice time together.