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The Office’s Next Evolution

New office set up
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00095

I’ve been making gaming videos in my office but my setup had my TV way too low to also have the computer up. The computer would always be in the way of seeing everything on the TV. I was also told that when I make videos I am looking up and down and up and down because of the shift in the heights. The TV does have to up higher but now I have a webcam that sits above the computer and more in line with me naturally looking at the TV.

In order to raise up the TV I needed something to put it on. I was at Target and I found a couple of containers that would work perfectly. I could use them to not only support the TV but also to allow me to display a few things that I like including my Hulkbuster LEGO and my Optimus Prime figure.I think I’ll be adding more Transformers to that side and also figure out how to add some lighting in there. Now the desk is much less clutters and I have the lighting I need for the use of the green screen. You need good lighting to use the green screen.

This new setup also made a better place for the power strip and the Switch, plus the XBox and the XBox controller charger. I’ll be getting some command strips with hooks that I can use to hang the headphones and keep them from off the ground and out of the way. This should make the work area much more usable now.

Molding Young Minds

Molding Young Minds
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00030

Today I went to the kids’ school for their Career Day. I was asked to speak for a few minutes about working in Social Media. I was excited to be there and t be a part of the day. There were about 12 people on the panel and the range of the jobs was huge. I was fascinated learning about the jobs that other parents had. There was a professional cameraman, an OT, a Critical Care Nurse, a voice over artist, an scout for the Patriots, a Secret Serviceman, a property manager, and executives from Hasbro and Toyota. There was so much to learn and the students listened intently and asked great questions of the panel at the end of the session.

I talked about the being a part of Built from Bricks show and even brought in the LEGO Movie 2 water bottles. I brought in stickers and the business cards for the show. A few kids took them with them at the end of the session. One student even went to our YouTube channel and left a very nice comment. It was a very nice morning and I enjoyed being a part of the whole session.