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New Headphone Shuffle

New Headphones
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01868

I was at Target tonight on my way to the office and I decided to get a new set of headphones for gaming. I’ve gone through so many of these things. The issue is not what I am hearing but rather what other people can hear from me. If you went by the guys that I game with they never hear me that well. There are a couple of reasons for this. The microphone is not close enough to my mouth on my headset and it is fixed so I cannot move it closer. The other reason is that I do not talk loud. I’m hoping that these headphones will work better, it is a good brand and wasn’t super expensive but they weren’t cheap either. I’ll find out how they are the next time I game with my cousin, Shaun.

Jumping Back Into Gaming Videos

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00982

July always starts a slump for me regarding creating videos, especially gaming videos. I spend much of that month on Cape Cod and am not at my recording setup so I get behind and for things that happen daily in gaming, that tends to get me way behind. Viewers drop off and more. So, seeing the numbers drop off can be depressing and that starts me thinking is the hard work worth it. So, I hit a slump. With everyone back at school I have more time to work on these videos and so I’m getting back into it. The season is finishing up for Fortnite and that means a new one is starting soon and I have another chance to rebuild my audience. Along the way I lost my setup on my old computer, replaced that computer with a faster one to make better videos, experimented with different programs to get the best output and I think I am finally there. So, here’s to keeping on.