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Trying to Remain Productive in the New Year

Photo-A-Day #2460

Didn’t clean out the garage or accomplish anything as daunting as that today but did accomplish a few things. We took down the tree today and packed up the decorations. Moved Eva’s Kitchen back to where it lives and I organized that kitchen twice. Eva and her friend tore it apart tonight while we were visited by our friends A and R and their two kids. Eva enjoys taking every single piece of fake food she has and pouring it all into a big plastic bucket and calling it fruit salad. We were hoping that we could “thin the herd” a bit and get rid of the cheap plastic stuff we bought her a few years ago in favor of the nicer Melissa and Doug stuff she’s gotten recently, (much of it at Christmas). There has to be some sort of toy “Critical Mass” that we are going to hit eventually, right? At some point we’ve got to get rid of something. Continue reading Trying to Remain Productive in the New Year

Christmas is for Kids 2011

Photo-A-Day #2430

Today was the Annual Christmas is for Kids Toy Drive sponsored by Achin’s Garage. We’ve been saving a small amount of money each month so that we would have a decent sum with which to buy toys. I also got some great toys from different companies that I could donate as well. Before we went to drop off the toys we set them all up and Eva got to pose with them. Continue reading Christmas is for Kids 2011