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Review: Maui Toys Sky Ball Football

Ready to try the Sky Ball Football

The other day we took the Sky Ball Football from Maui Toys out for a try. We live near a park that has a huge field. It is perfect for running and playing and having a great time. We’ve gone there a few times to play with toys like the Sky Ball and bat. That was fun because I could hit the ball and Eva would run and get it. It helped to tire her out a bit because of all her energy. I figured that we’d see how far we could throw the Sky Ball Football. The packaging says that it can be thrown up to 75 feet and kicked up to 125 feet. I think you need some athletic aptitude to make that happen though. Continue reading Review: Maui Toys Sky Ball Football

Christmas is for Kids 2011

Photo-A-Day #2430

Today was the Annual Christmas is for Kids Toy Drive sponsored by Achin’s Garage. We’ve been saving a small amount of money each month so that we would have a decent sum with which to buy toys. I also got some great toys from different companies that I could donate as well. Before we went to drop off the toys we set them all up and Eva got to pose with them. Continue reading Christmas is for Kids 2011