6 thoughts on “Cinco De Mayo Postie Pack”

  1. They Rock. Ted. My favorite is the mini pinata though, so very cool. Thanks so much for the Postie Pack. I saw all those other holiday ones go out and pass me by but you saved the best one for my favorite holiday. Very Very Cool.

  2. Oh Daisy, you HAVE to find one. That would be so awesome, a sombreo and a poncho, cat food in a margarita glass, that would be great. I hope you find the hat.

  3. Hey Drew,

    I don’t know why but something told me you might like Cinco de Mayo so I put you on the list. Enjoy your mini pinata!! 🙂

  4. Amy,

    You totally rock, thanks for putting me on the list, so I take it you are the postie pack fairy, well you are awesome! I’m sending you an e-mail, you might have heard about it from V or Ashley or even Ted. I know you’d be a great person to send this to.

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