Coming up on an anniversary

Sure my wedding anniversary is over a month away however I’ve been thinking about our engagement. We went up to Main and stayed at a Maine bed and breakfast and we loved it. We stayed at the Evergreen Lodge. It was a fantastic place to stay and we are looking forward to getting a chance to get back up there. Maybe we can go for a photowalk around Moosehead lake. That would be great. It would be fun to get away and bring children up there. A bed an breakfast in Maine is a perfect vacation place when you want to drop off the grid for a bit and limit technology to good old time outside.

2 thoughts on “Coming up on an anniversary”

  1. I love Moosehead Lake. When we go, we stay in Greenville, at a place called Pleasant Street Inn. That place is for adults only, but there are plenty of other places for families to stay.

    The guys at the Pleasant Street Inn hooked us up with a *moose safari*, where a guide drove us out to some pond in the middle of nowhere, and we paddled out in canoes to see the moose. It was so quiet out there, as it was really early in the AM. I’m so not a morning person, but getting up before the crack of dawn for this was so very worth it.

    And I learned to canoe for the first time! 🙂

    I love it up there!

  2. We never did see moose but we did see the B-52 bomber that had crashed and we did some hiking, it was an excellent weekend. You should try the Evergreen, they have the best breakfasts.

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