Community News for Brampton Ontario…

Why would I be interested in Brampton, Ontario. Well, for one thing I travel often and before I go to a location I do a search for a community website about that location. I am often referred to as the cruise director or tour guide because I like to find out the local happenings in the area that I will be visiting. So, take for instance Brampton, Ontario. If you were to search for Brampton, Ontario you are going to find quite a few useful sites. One of them is called Brampton This website is exactly what I would be looking for if my next trip was to Brampton, Ontario.

The Brampton News site is packed with information. When I travel I like to be able to catch local bands or even larger acts. The Brampton news has many contributors including one for the Brampton Music Scene. So if I was to go to Brampton, Ontario I am going to check out the Brampton Music scene. What is great about this part of the website is that there are links to the bands and their myspace pages. That way I can easily learn about the band and decide if I want to go see them live.

Brampton, Ontario also has a thriving art scene and they do an Art Gallery Hop. This is a full day tour of many different art galleries in Brampton. I never get a full day to do anything but I think I would use whatever time I had to make sure I went to the Art Gallery of Peel. The exhibits like The True North: Landscapes of the Arctic are really appealing to me. I could find myself spending quite a bit of time in that gallery.

But then I would get hungry so I could use the Brampton News Site to read restaurant reviews. Since the site is a community one I can read reviews by locals who know the best places to eat. Many times I have found hidden gems on the road by doing some advanced research. I could get lost for hours just learning about places to see and places to eat while I spent time in Brampton.