Probably Voids the Warranty

What you see here are two separate power adapters. They are compatible and no one else is gonna tell you that. How do I know this? I was desperate. I had been using an iGo Juice for the past 7 years and recently one of the wires started to have a short in it. I had to play with the wire and put it in a very specific position in order to get any charge out of the adapter. So I had to turn to my back-up adapter the Targus one.

Why do I have a back-up Power Adapter?

I forgot my iGo Juice on one of my trips and had to go buy another. I planned only to use the Targus one for the weekend and then return it but I was unable to do so. So, I kept it in my drawer for 3 years. But it was around when I needed it. I decided to use it to charge the laptop instead of buying a replacement cord. The Targus has a port for a charging cord for peripheral devices. That port fits the charging cord for the iGo, so I took an old cell phone (in case I blew it up or something) and plugged the cord and the cell phone in to charge. It worked perfectly. Now I hope the Targus lasts me for the next 7 years.