Creme Brulee

I absolutely love good Creme Brulee. My friend Andy makes some fantastic Creme Brulee. He got a Creme Brulee set as a wedding gift and has experimented and made many types of Creme Brulee so far. I received a Creme Brulee set from my Mother-In-Law because my friend Derek was fond of saying that I make a fantastic Creme Brulee whenever we met new people. He was like Barney from How I met your Mother with the, “Drew makes a fabulous Creme Brulee.” It became a running joke among our friends and I thought that I would beat him at his own game and show up at a New Year’s party at his place with some Creme Brulee that I had made. But I got lazy and never made it, I returned the Creme Brulee set for a shirt for work. That was lame. I think I want to give it another shot now that I have seen what Andy can do with Creme Brulee.