Daddy/Daughter Date Day

Daddy/Daughter Date Day
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Today Allison had a ZETA event so she was gone most of the day. I spent the day with Eva. After Eva woke up from her nap at noon we went over to Dairy Queen for a Daddy and Daughter Date Day. We had a great meal together. Eva had chicken tenders and applesauce and shared some of my fries. The real fun was after our meal, we had dessert. Eva had her 1st Dairy Queen ice cream cone. She loved it! I have a great Dairy Queen post that will be going up soon that includes photos and a fun video. I did take one with my camera phone.

@DQ @dairyqueen with Eva

Luckily it was a nice day weatherwise. After our lunch we went to World War I Memorial Park. There are many domestic animals there at the park including two cute little pot bellied pigs. We brought some carrots to give to the animals. Don’t worry I did all the giving of the food to the animals. Eva herself crunched on a carrot the whole time. The animals were following us around because of her carrot. There were goats, deer, llamas, ponies and a little donkey.

After the animals we played in one of the little playground areas. Eva enjoyed the slide. She’d slide down and I’d swoop her up into the air and we’d laugh and I’d put her up again. I cherish these little days where we go do something fun together, or even those days when we stay in and color.

2 thoughts on “Daddy/Daughter Date Day”

  1. awww aren’t those the best times? gotta grab em while you can cos later they grow up and tend to be gone all the time hanging w friends, etc. :-/ but maybe, she will say that she’s not too grown up for a daddy/daughter date. now that would be icing on the cake. 🙂

    ciaras last blog post..Twelve Years…My How Time Flies.

  2. Ciara,
    I know, it is going to be very hard to handle when I go from the daddy that makes her laugh to the daddy she and her friends laugh about. I know that all the goofy stuff I do now will most likely embarrass her in the future. But until then I’m remain as goofy as ever.

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