DC Graphic Novels for Kids Are A HUGE Hit In Our House

DC Graphic Novels for KidsDC Kids sent us a selection of their fantastic graphic novels for kids for free to check out and enjoy. Opinions are our own.Getting Andy to read can be a tough job but we are all about encouraging him to read more. Luckily DC Kids sent us a great bunch of new graphic novels for kids and he has been tearing through them like nobody’s business. The first one he read was We Found a Monster (Amazon Affiliate link) which comes out on January 12, 2021. We wote a separate post just on that book. He loved the style of Kirk Scroggs and so the second one he wanted to read was The Secret Spiral of Swamp Boy which was part of the DC Graphic Novels for Kids Box Set 1 (Amazon Affiliate link) and that set also includes Dear Justice League, Superman of Smallville and Black Canary: Ignite. Rounding out the package from DC Kids was Teen Titans Go to Camp (Amazon Affiliate link).

These graphic novels are great for kids. They are filled with lots of laughs and awesome art. I love that Andy is diving into comics and comic book characters because I have a ton of comics in my collection to share with him when he is older and can handle collectible comics properly. Not leaving them out or bending them and more. These books can stand up to the abuse from kids 8-12. They are perfect for tossing into backpacks or the backseat of the car to offer a much better alternative than even more screen time. Andy takes these along when we go to Karate so he has something to do while he waits for his class to start.

The reason I know that he is enjoying these books is that he tells me about everything happening in the books like I don’t already know so much about Superman or even the Teen Titans. I love that he is so excited about these characters that I have enjoyed for so long. That in itself is worth the price for any books.