Deadline Looming

Deadline Looming
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The Tax Deadline is looming. If you didn’t know, sorry to be the wake up call. If you got things done early that is great for you. If you’re still working on yours keep going. If you ware trying to get yours in by midnight tomorrow get to the post office early for the lines. Me, I e-filed this year. We got a return so I question why it took me so long to get my taxes done. I guess I just didn’t want to do them. The thing is our taxes are wicked easy. I use Tax Cut and have used it for years. Each year my prior tax return is imported and most things are filed in for me. It is so easy. Past years I’ve filed on paper but used Tax Cut to prepare the files. Why I didn’t e-file before is a mystery. This year my tax filing was very simple. And we didn’t do too badly on the refund either. That will help pay down some debt.

So, do you file early or wait to the last minute? Do you owe or does the Government owe you? Anything special planned for the refund?

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  1. We did our taxes a while back, but since we owe, they will not be mailed until tomorrow. Actually, we owe the Feds, but will be getting a small refund from Massachusetts.

    Someday I will figure out a way to get Social Security numbers for cats, so we can claim them all as dependents! 😉

    Christines last blog post..Movin’ Out

  2. Christine,
    Yeah I think if we owed we’d be in line for the midnight stamps at the post office. SS for the cats, now that is an idea.

  3. As I dog I don’t pay taxes I only have to pay a licensing fee to the town. I have set up StephentheDog LLC as Cayman Islands corporation and thus have no US Tax liabilities.

    So no refund for me. However I also no paying for some guy to sit in a shutdown MBTA bus station and protect is during those dangerous daylight hours.

  4. Stephen,
    I’m not sure about the MBTA thing but you have more time than I do to see these crazy antics of the world around, you have a very unique perspective of the world anyway. I think you’re going to be in for a tax wake up call however when the end of this year comes and your Financial Friday cash gets taxed. Or are you letting your A and R get stuck with that tax bill?

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