Dinner with A & R

Tonight Allison and I got to have dinner with Stephen the Dog’s A & R. A went on out and picked up some fantastic Delmonico steaks. Allison and I brought over some of the potatoes from Carlos that she fixed with olive oil and ranch dressing. She also made apple sauce from the apples we got at the apple picking. Photos are on their way.

A & are recently remodeled their basement and it now is a rocking hang out pad. A spent quite a bit of time researching flat panel televisions and he ended up with a great 52 incher. This was a beautiful screen. He showed us the movie CARS in HD. It was so fantastic!

After dinner we went to the black cow for ice cream. I should have read the board first because I missed out on Red Raspberry Oreo ice cream and Strawberry Chip. Instead I got my old standby.

Before we left the house I got a photo sent to me on my phone from a number that I didn’t recognize. Here is the image. Weird.

Odd photo.