Easter Snoopy by Andy

Clay Creations
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00816

Andy continues to make some really great clay figures. Today he made a few including an Easter themed Snoopy for his teacher. He knows that she likes Snoopy so he decided to use his clay to make her one of his clay creations.

Dice Tower

Andy is not the only creative one in the house. Eva decided that she would paint her dice tower for Dungeons and Dragons today. This is a build your own dice tower and she must have found it while cleaning and decided that today would be a good day to paint it. I can’t wait to see it finished.

Framed 15th Anniversary Gift

Today we also hung our 15th Wedding Anniversary gift to ourselves up in our bedroom. We were going to hang it in the hallway but there were no real good places to do this so it now hangs on the way next to my side of the bed. It is an original piece of artwork of hand drawn lyrics to our wedding song. The art was created by Ellis Paul who is also the singer/songwriter of our wedding song called ‘Words’. We then had this framed at my cousin Matt’s place The Preservation Framer. It was ready today so we hung it up right away. That is the only way to actually get art on our walls.