Elf Yourself: A Gift from OfficeMax

Elf Yourself: A Gift from OfficeMax

Here is a fun little holiday time waster. Grab a picture of yourself or someone you know. Upload it to this site, quickly size it, save the picture, record your voice message (I tried twice that didn’t work) then preview your elf. I made one for myself and it came out well, very funny.

Another fun thing.

Shake The Globe. You can shake it 5 or 6 times and it cycles through some interesting images.

Remember Ralphie, well grab your red ryder and Don’t shoot Your Eye out. You have 10 shots and the object is to get as many ricochets as possible.

And then there is North Pole Dancing. You can make Santa dance about 12 different moves and create a sequence, choose the music and the scene and send that to friends.

Here is mine, may be disturbing to Maureen and anyone else with eyes.

There is also a Save the Snowman Game which is a lot like hangman but with a snowman.

You can get lost on the things to do at this site. Merry Christmas and Enjoy.

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