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Last night Allison and I saw Juno. This was a quirky, fun movie with a lot of heart and warmth. Think of it as an edgier Napoleon Dynamite. It had that sort of awkwardness as well as charm. I loved the performances by Ellen Page, Michael Cera and well, pretty much the whole cast. As we watched it Allison stated that we really should watch this movie with our friend Mo. But we will settle for Mo making a video of herself watching it because we really want to see her reactions to the movie, which we know will be absolutely hilarious. Mo, go see this movie.

In birBIG News, Mike Birbiglia has been green lighted by CBS for a 1/2 hour sitcom based on his Secret Public Journal. Both Allison and I are very very excited about this. I’ve been a fan of Birbiglia for some time now. He is hilarious, his Secret Public Journal is his online blog as well as weekly e-mail newsletter. There are also some videos that he did on Comedy Central’s Motherlode that highlight secret public journal entries. Mike has a very down to earth style that is accessible to many people, I hope his pilot and series does well.

Also there seems to be some confusion over who the Oceanic Six are. If you have been watching LOST then you know that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron have made it off the island. Many people are saying that Aaron doesn’t count because he was not part of the manifest. I figure that sometime this season we will see the Oceanic 6 at a press conference, so if Aaron is not one of them then how does Kate explain that he is her son? I would think that Aaron would be at this press conference. I’m pretty sure that we know the identities of all Oceanic 6 members and Aaron is one of them.

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  1. I did see Juno and was very impressed. It almost made me want to buy stock in Sunny Delight and hamburger phones! I was very happy that the woman that wrote the film won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay this year. I think Ellen Page is a phenominal actress and we will see a lot more from her…I just think she was up against too many “names” to win the prize for Best Actress this year…but I don’t think this will be her final nomination. Michael Cera is fantastic. I miss Arrested Development, even though Jason Bateman was in Juno…like a little reunion…Bateman creeped me out.

    As far as Aaron goes on Lost…I don’t know…I really think that the 6 have not really been revealed…I think Walt is going to make a surprise visit in our lives…much older…but a surprise nonetheless.

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  2. Glad you liked Juno. It was very good.

    I have a feeling that Walt should show up in some way in this episode this week. It is about Michael. So I would think that somehow they would include Walt and try to explain his growing up.

  3. Someone said they were counting Ben since they showed him off the island, but he wasn’t on the flight either. Obviously they were looking for Ben. when they came to the island. So I think he left the island on his own after the Oceanic 6 were taken off the island.

    I was confused about Jin being gone … they didn’t tell us how he dies. He is buried OFF the island obviously since Hurley and and Sun visit his grave… does that mean he counts as one of the 6?

    This last episode made me dizzy. Sun in the future, Jin in the past, and then the islanders on the island. *spin*

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  4. Ben is not one of the 6, certainly not if he is sending Sayid out on assignation missions. You need to be covert for that. Although if Ben could orchestrate the crash cover up then he could certainly add himself to the flight manifest.

    I think that Jin’s grave was symbolic. Or the island has a crematorium station and Sun buried his ashes. We don’t know how Jin dies or if he is even dead or just on the island.

    I did like the episode though, even if it was all topsy turvy.

  5. I don’t think Jin is dead…the date on his stone was the day of the crash, that alone is a lie to society by Sun. Something must’ve happened that separated the two when it came time for people to leave the island, and now Jin is still stuck on the island and Sun has no way of getting back to him.

    I am very interested to know the events that transpired that is causing all of the rescued folks to lie so much.

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  6. The crematorium crack was a joke. I have a feeling that Jin is not dead or he sacrificed himself so Sun could get off the island. Certainly the gravestone was a lie, there is a huge lie between the oceanic six, but why, why is the question here. Thanks for the comment Brent.

  7. Sorry about the confusion, I figured that was a joke, was just throwing my own gut feeling out there. To your point about Aaron, the more I think about it, I’m starting to lean towards the idea that he is not one of the Oceanic Six. As you mentioned, he was not part of the manifest and not born yet when the flight went down. That does not explain how Kate can claim him as her son however.

    I’m also starting to wonder why they are as famous as they are back home. It would no doubt be a big story, but they all seem to be recognized everywhere they go, something about how everything was explained had to make their rescue a much bigger event than it would normally be. Maybe the conspiracy of the staged crash was made public somehow, since the wreckage was found…something had to be explained regarding the bodies when 6 turned up rescued.

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  8. Certainly not a problem Brent, I really like the discussion that is going on here. You bring a lot to the table.

    I am hoping that we see how the Oceanic 6 get off the island this season. Then we will know why they are famous. It is not unlikely that they become famous, people who are far less interesting become famous every day.

    And yes how do they explain the bodies and 6 survivors? Hmmm…

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