Eureka: Phased and Confused

Last night I watched the latest episode of Eureka. This one was about a superhero in Eureka. It turns out that Carter’s sister Lexie has many suitors. Everyone at GD was asking about her when she was in the hospital for part of the episode.

One of those suitors was a young man who was very inter recycling. In fact he took a bunch of scrapped GD projects and cobbled together a super hero suit. He wasn’t the best superhero but he did try. Lexie called him Captain Eureka. Explosions and a scorched roof of the patrol jeep was all that Carter saw in the guy, though. But in the end the guy was a well meaning one who needed some help and of course he played into a big rescue of Carter’s.

Also happening in this episode was a the continuation of the Eva Thorn mystery. This time she was with Zane who was able to crack the lock that she gave him in Show Me The Mummy. Zane cracks it with no hassle but it also opens a secret door in the high school. Zoe and her boyfriend and a girl go in the crack and explore a very large complex. Could this complex be a precursor to GD?

Zane catches up with the kids and they are all trapped int he building. Carter must use Captain Eureka’s equipment to phase through walls. Phasing is changing to another radio frequency. Carter also gets an implant so he can make phone calls just by thinking about the person. Unfortunately each time he tries to call someone who’s name begins with Z he gets an electric shock. Luckily for him however is that he could use that knowledge to jumpstart the power in the complex and save the kids and Zane.

The best part of the episode to me was when Carter confronts Eva Thorn and demands to know what she is doing. She firmly and flatly tells him No. A very good scene between the two of them. We are one episode shy of the middle of the season and the mystery that Eva Thorn is working on is getting more and more twisted. I cannot figure it out like I usually can throughout the episode itself. The clues are much less obvious.