Eva’s Debut at Southern New England Media Makers

Photo-A-Day #2228

Working a full weekend for the first time is tough. I completed my first back to back set of nights in the office and I am exhausted. But before I drifted off into a fitful 3 hour nap I had Church and then Southern New England Media Makers to attend. And today I took Eva with me to meet everyone.

Southern New England Media Makers is a group of people who are into video production, podcasting, photography, social media and more. We get together at Morin’s Diner every third Sunday of the month. Each person shares what they are working on currently or a new website or an app for devices or anything really. I loaded of the iPad with some photos that Eva had taken recently so that she could tell the group about them.

When we arrived Eva talked to the group about her new favorite iPad app called Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa.

I’m giving away three copies of this iPad app in a contest starting tomorrow, make sure you enter, it is awesome.

Eva told Bruce (@BruceKGarber), Jim (@MediaDisconnect) and Ann (@AnnKingman) all about the app. she even caught Audrey’s (our server) ear and told her about the app as well. Bruce took a couple of cute photos of Eva doing her show and tell session. I have to say, I was impressed that she spoke in front of so many new people.

I didn’t have much to talk about by way of making any media. I did however get a chance to debut my BenSpark.com Stickers for everyone. I received 3 or 400 stickers from Next Day Flyers. I would certainly use them again for my sticker printing needs. I’m pretty excited on how they came out. The stickers themselves are 3X3 squares and my logo is more of a rectangle. I think I’m going to cut off the excess white parts so that I have rectangle stickers. If you see me at a conference ask and I’ll give you one.

We had a nice morning and then we came home so that my Mom could watch Eva and I could get some rest. I was able to fall asleep quickly but unable to stay that way. I slept from 12 till about 3:15. I have an alarm for 5pm but have not needed it yet.

My trick to getting to sleep is that I read a fiction book to settle my mind and I am usually out after a page or two. I’ve been so tired that I’ve read the same page for three days. As soon as my eyes close and I recognize that this is what happened I put my bookmark in and put the book down. I then fall asleep. So far this is working for me.

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  1. I like the way you do in settling your mind before you sleep. I think I have to do it too. More often than not, I find it very difficult to sleep even if my eyes are sleepy and I can say that it’s because I am thinking a lot about things. 🙂

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