Family Paddle Boarding Adventure

Family Paddle Boarding Adventure
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01290

Today we took advantage of a beautiful morning to try out our Christmas gifts. This Christmas we each got an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. We took them over to Great Bay to try them out. Andy and Eva had no trouble at all standing up on their boards. Allison also got to a standing position. I tried it and promptly face planted, mouth wide open into Great Bay. I swallowed way too much and then spent much of the time after that in a coughing fit. That was not caught on video, but Allison caught a picture of me post dunk.

post dunk

After I cleared out all the water I was able to paddle around on my knees and also in a sitting position. I think that my board will need to be inflated more the next time we go out.

the kids on their boards

I had my GoPro Max strapped to the front of my board and got some decent video that I need to process soon to see if I can get a few minutes of usable footage.

Eva paddling

The kids did a great job paddling.

Andy Paddling

we are going to try to go out again next week.