Feast Day

Photo-A-Day #2782

Today was Feast Day at Eva’s school. We missed that last year because it was the day that Andrew was born. My sister Tara took her to the event last year and we missed seeing how cute she and all her classmates were. Feast Day this year she was a turkey while other classes were Pilgrims and others Native Americans. She had a cute little turkey hat and made an adorable turkey centerpiece.

At Feast Day

After Feast Day we ran home for lunch and then out for our annual trip to purchase toys for Christmas is for Kids. We set aside money every month to make our purchase and this year we snagged a $5 off coupon and used the $10 gift cards we got from the Activision Family Game Summit. We were able to get a little more together and make a pretty decent purchase.

When we came home we got to see Andrew take his first few steps on his own. Well, Allison saw it, I was in the other room and he wouldn’t do it again. But I did manage to snap this photo prior to his solo strut.

Andrew Standing on his own

Soon he’s gonna be running all around the house.