First Broken Bone

Buckle Fracture
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01083

Andy got his first broken bone yesterday. He has a buckle fracture on his left wrist. He was playing on the playground at school and tripped over a railroad tie and scraped a chunk off his knee and got a green branch fracture or buckle fracture on his wrist. We did not know it was fractured until this morning when he and Allison went to Urgent Care. He’s got a splint on his wrist for now and then will be getting a cast later this week. He does not seem to be too much in pain from the wrist. He’s been more in pain over his skinned knee. That he can see so he is more upset about it.

Here’s a fun fact. Andy broke his arm at age 10. I broke mine at age 10 as well. Both breaks were on Church Street directly across the street from each other. I was in the front yard of my parent’s old house and Andy was on the playground in front of the rectory of the church.