Free Books From Cheerios

Read to Me, Dad Review: Romeo and Lou Blast Off

I was feeding Eva some of her “O’s” today for and after breakfast snack. On the box I noticed that it said that there was a free book inside. Allison did the shopping this week so I didn’t notice the box till I went for breakfast this morning. There was a book inside that had the story written in both English and Spanish. What a great idea to give books to people through an essential finger food for babies. Read to Me, Dad approves of this very much. There are 5 books in total and the Cheerios box says,

“Feed their imagination. Putting big books into little hands puts big ideas into young minds. When you read a book with your child, you share a special moment of wonder, surprise and amazement.”

It goes on to state.

” Cheerios is committed to helping you raise a child healthy in body and mind. Through Spoonfuls of Stories, you can foster a lifelong love of reading in your little ones.”

The book that was in our box of Cheerios was Romeo and Lou Blast Off. The book is a cute little story about imagination. The imaginations of Lou the Polar Bear and Romeo the Penguin. They start their journey in the North Pole and end up in a modern city. How they get there is part of the fun of the story. Once there they mix up the things that they see with those things that they know like a policeman that they think is a shark. It is a very fun little tale with beautiful illustrations.

Read to Me Dad Ratings

  • Story – Good – A great little story about imagination and two friends on an adventure.
  • Re-Read-ability – Good – This is certainly one that I can read again as Eva gets older and can see the things that Lou and Romeo see.
  • Illustrations – Good – The bright illustrations and the fun “mistakes” that Romeo and Lou make certainly add to how nice it is to view the book.
  • Message – Imagination and a good friend can take you many places.
  • Plot – A Polar Bear and a Penguin take flight and land in a city. They have adventures while there and find their way back to their home.
  • Characters – Romeo and Lou are fun characters they are friends who work together and share their imaginations.
  • Does Eva Like It – Eva sat through the story and looked at the images.
  • Recommended Ages – 3-8