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Eddie ChristyYou might have noticed that on each of my blogs I have a link to the “I Can’t” Pay it Forward Contest. I haven’t had a single person enter to win. And I know the problem. This sort of contest is not in the spirit of paying it forward. I want to help out my friend Eddie Christy by talking up his new single. But I turned it into a contest that would also benefit me as well. Not good. certainly not in the spirit of ‘paying it forward’. So instead I am going to take the first 10 people who leave a comment on this blog post and give them a copy of Eddie’s single “I Can’t” via iTunes.

If you like it, gift it to someone else. If you link to Eddie that is fine, if you link to me that is fine as well but it is not a requirement. Just listen to his song on MySpace and leave a comment about it and I will gift you a copy via iTunes. The gift will go to the e-mail address that you use to post the comment.

Also you do not need to have an iPod to use iTunes. That is a common misconception. iTunes can be used on your computer for so many things like watching or listening to podcasts, listening to music and if you are in a large office on the same network you can share your play lists with other people.

21 thoughts on “Free iTunes Song…”

  1. Jennifer,
    Give it a listen on his MySpace page. And then you can also listen to it on iTunes as I am sending you a copy in moments.

    That sucks about it getting removed at work.

  2. He is adorable, and I didn’t know about his music before you posted bout it, lol. I think the main reason why you haven’t had any response to this until now is because of your other contests, seems to me you got a lot going on hehe. 🙂

  3. I always have a lot going on. But that is cool. I’m sending you your copy of the song in a moment. Thanks for participating.

  4. Oh, I LIKE it. There’s something so refreshing about listening to just one voice and a guitar, not an over-mixed studio song. Can I have one please?

  5. I’m just starting with iTunes because I just ordered an iPod last week. And I just found your blog via entrecard. You’ve got such cute pics on your front page right now. Adorable little people!

    I love vocal music with guitar accompaniment – simple is awesome!

  6. No problem Eddie. I gave away 7 or 8 copies of the song. I was certainly glad to do so.

    I happen to have his home address but that will cost you to get it and him to keep me from giving it to you. MWAHHAHAHA!

  7. Hi Drew.. next time if you have a contest..or free music, let me know. I know a whole bunch of people who just love this sort of thing :)and would flock here to hear your buddies song!

    Good luck to you guys!

  8. Well Shari thanks for letting me know. You can let your friends know that after I’ve sent the song to you I still have 2 left to give out and will do so to the next two people who leave comments on this post. So you can feel free to put the word out there. I am also thinking about doing this once a month with different artists that I like.

  9. I love the song! Keep up the good work! I’ll make sure to tell others about your music!

  10. Thanks Nate,
    I’m sure Eddie will appreciate the comment. It is his music, not mine that is so good.

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