Free Shopping, I can live with that…

I learned about a new site with a unique shopping concept. the site is called and it is unique in that you can Shop for Free Window Blinds and that is not all. Any item that has is up for grabs to get for free. I would have liked to have looked here before we made all of our recent purchases for window stuff, I know they are called window treatments but I am already down one “Man card” today for admitting to reading directions.

The concept is simple. You purchase blinds or other window treatments from, you are given a code that you can send to friends and when someone buys from you get a 20% percent referral of the purchase price of your purchased item up to 100% of your original purchase price. And if you have a blog or a website you can post up a banner and when a purchase is made using that referral link you will get a credit posted to your account automatically. Debuts Patent-Pending Shopping Concept

June 20, 2007
St. Augustine, Florida, Inc. ( announced today the launch of their website, a Next-Generation Internet shopping site offering an extensive variety of window coverings with the ability to earn back 100% of their product purchase price. It’s just the first of many websites providing customers the opportunity to get their products for FREE through the patent-pending Rewards Program.
With the look and feel of other consumer websites, operates in similar fashion. First you shop from a vast array of products offered at some of the lowest prices to be found on the Internet; you make your selection; then submit your order. It’s at checkout where the similarity to all other sites ends. Upon conclusion of checkout, the customer is assigned a unique code, and presented with the option to share that code with others interested in purchasing window coverings. Then each time a referred customer’s order has been completed, 20% of the referred customer’s product purchase amount is Rewarded (via a check refund) to the original referring customer. This process continues for each referred order until 100% of the original customer’s product purchase amount has been returned. Customers have a full FIVE years to earn back their product costs. And, every referred customer has the same opportunity to earn back their total purchase amount through the Rewards Program.

The process of “Totally Free Products” was created by and founder Joe Mehm. A pioneer in online retailing, Mehm asks, “Why shop anywhere else? What’s better than free?” And, since we sell our products at the most competitive prices on the Internet, even if you don’t earn a single Reward, you will still save money.” he asserts. “That’s reason enough to shop at Then giving customers the opportunity to earn back 100% of their product cost, is just icing on the cake!” Mehm concludes.

The process making this concept possible is so distinct, so unique that Mehm has been awarded Patent Pending Status by the United States Patent Office.

Simply put, the customer rewards are offset by savings realized from reduced expenditures of conventional Internet advertising. pays past customers to bring in new customers. While it might be said that one expense just replaces the other, this process does much more than that. Internet advertising costs, as with other conventional advertising costs, are not tied to results. Therefore, one pays for advertising whether business is created from that advertising or not. With the FREEshopping process, advertising is only paid after sales are made, for revenue already generated. And, like a gift that keeps on giving, satisfied, fully Rewarded customers are naturally going to continue to tell others how smart they were to shop, now creating business free from any advertising expense.

To make it easy for customers to get their referrals started, has positioned valuable tools at the end of order checkout to help automate the referral process. Customers can easily print a sheet of referral cards formatted with their name and referral code. Another feature allows the customer to enter the names and email addresses of friends and family, so that an automated link explaining the program is forwarded to them along with the referrer’s code. And, for those customers with their own website, MySpace site, etc., a section of copy and paste text is available for pasting a small banner on their site. Once pasted on their site, any purchase made through that link, embedded with their referral code, automatically posts a credit to the customer’s account. It then becomes possible for a customer to receive all of their money back without ever having to refer someone personally.…the first of an exclusive group of fine merchants offering consumers quality products along with the process to receive back 100% of the cost of their product purchases. Next-Generation shopping is here today!

Contact Information:
Media Relations Director:
Robert (Rewards Rob) Till at (866) 254-6314 ext 10. vendor program:
Joe Mehm at (866) 254-6314 ext 18.

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