From Torrun

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Photo-A-Day #2530

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the cartoon movie Next Avengers at Target. It was $4.50 and I figured it would be fun to watch with Eva. She really enjoyed the movie. She’s asked me who from the cast I am almost every day. She always chooses to be Torrun, maybe because Torrun is a blonde girl and she identifies with the character, also she’s the only girl on the team. Occasionally I will say that I am Hawkeye or Tony Stark. She prefers that I am Hawkeye.

I was away on business today and after three days of not being around because of work plus being away today to boot Eva was missing Daddy. I came home to this card from Eva. The photo is of the Front cover, a drawing of Hawkeye and the inside, the more amazing part is her writing Hawkeye. Allison did not help her do this at all. Eva took the DVD case, found Hawkeye and copied the letters below his name. I’ve got one smart cookie over here.