Gadget: The XShot

XShotI am getting an XShot. It is in the mail as you read this. And You can get one as well for a discounted price. Why, because I agreed to have a sample sent to me to test out while I take photos and I was also offered a promo code for my readers. You get $5.50 off the retail price of $24.95. That is a good savings for a nifty product. I need to use it before I can say much more about the features and what I like or dislike about it. I have a feeling I am going to like it.

However I can say that it has a 37″ reach, and compacts down to 9″ in length. That is going to go great in my camera bag of goodies. I can use it to photograph and videotape myself anywhere. I will have to use it on a future Wired Kayaker Podcast.

So how do you get your XShot discount? Head to xshotpix and put an XShot in your cart then just enter SparkRocks when you checkout. Hurry though, the promo code lasts till July 15th.

Check this out.
Closed the XShot is only 9″ long.

But it extends to 37″ in length when fully open.