Games: Wii Golf

There are already 3 golf games for the Nintendo Wii. I played the Wii sports version the other night with my brother in law Erik. Erik is a great golfer but Wii golf was not his bag. At least not on the first play of the game. He’ll be picking that up much quicker now and he knows real golf terms and strategies and techniques so on the next time we meet on the green he’ll be whooping all of our butts.

Is there a reason that there are already 3 golf games for the Wii? Do we really need 3 of them? It just seems to me that it wouldn’t be that fun playing different golfing games. They are different in that the characters you play are different. Wii Golf is for a fun party atmosphere. Super Swing is a fun looking game with many interesting characters and the serious golfer is going to want Tiger Woods 2007. So I guess there is something for everyone.