Geared Up… PAD #1162

Geared Up… PAD #1162, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

My new camera bag is now geared up and ready to go to Quechee, VT for the Balloon Festival. I may or may not have access to do posting this weekend. We shall see.

I know I said that I may be getting rid of this camera bag. At least I’ve been saying it to friends and family when they see the bag. I was thinking about giving this bag away and getting the step down model, the FastPack 250. The things I don’t like include the waist straps. I see them as being in the way. Also I find it a bit too big for travel. I know this will not fit under my seat on the plane as well as my current travel backpack (I love that thing and have had it for 7 years and it is still in fantastic shape after countless flights).

But the FastPack 350 is a bag that holds a ton of stuff. I have my Nikon D80 and my two Sigma Lenses (a 28-70mm and a 70-300 macro), I just bought a Giottos Rocket and it totally cleared out the dust from my camera (I wish I had this last week) and so that lives in the bag. I also have the Canon 800is and the Canon Z850 camcorder and the Sanyo EC1 and the charges for each. Extra batteries, lens hoods and room for a 17inch widescreen laptop, yeah this baby can take a bunch of gear.

We may or may not make it up to the Glow. This is a nighttime event on the evening before the balloon festival. It starts around 6:00 but it may take us a bit longer to get there because we need to stop for dinner too. we shall see.

I’m looking forward to this event and I can’t wait to use the Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens again. I will even try to use the Lensbaby 3G. I have to return them next week too.

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  1. Aisha,
    I think you will have to wait till next festival. I went to a balloon festival and I have not one picture of a balloon. Read the posts later to find out.

    The camera bag certainly holds things but as far as an action bag while you are out shooting it has much to be desired.

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