Gearing up for the War for Cybertron

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Time for another Transformers post. There has been some great news lately about Transformers. There is a new movie in the works (I hope it is going to be better than the 2nd one). There is a new cartoon in the works. There is a new video game also in production and along with that a new toy line based on the video game. This is pretty amazing because I’ve never seen a Transformers toy line based on a video game before.

You’ve got to check out this preview video. I just hope that game play is as awesome as the trailer.

6 thoughts on “Gearing up for the War for Cybertron”

    1. Kevin,
      The only games that I really try and get all the way through these days are the transformers ones. Sort of wish I had a PS3 to play this one.

    1. I’d address you by name but you didn’t leave one. I marked your other comment as spam because you didn’t follow my spam policy and while I should have also marked this one too I didn’t so I appreciate the comment but please leave your name and not your blog title on future comments. I respond to every one I get. Thanks.

  1. Sweet video.. I also wasn’t crazy for the Xformers 2 movie. I think the audience deserves better.

    Also, nice theme / blog!

    1. Sparky,
      The second movie was so poorly written and executed. So many crappy moments in it, however I did see it twice. The audience did deserve better. Glad you like the theme and the blog.

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