Give it Forward: Stenzzles


Ever work on a puzzle and think that you’d like to frame it? That is sort of what Stenzzles are all about. Stenzzles are described as artistic layering puzzles. Players get 8 Stenzzles cards that they have to layer in such a way as to match 8 different patterns. Each Stenzzles has a different color and all the colors need to be seen in the final solution. I like puzzles but this one I found difficult and frustrating. I guess I am more logical and methodical in my puzzle solving and less artistic.

To play, select one of 8 challenges and flip, rotate and layer the cards until your stack exactly matches the challenge image. There are eight cards to contend with and so you not only have to figure out what order they are layered but also what orientation they have to be placed in in order to look correct.


There are a few different Stenzzles versions: Sports, Tropical and Dogs. So, depending upon your interest you get a challenging game and something that you can display once you are finished solving the puzzle.

The game comes with 8 Stenzzles Cards, 1 Black Background card, 1 Puzzles and Solutions Booklet (with 8 Puzzles) and 1 Puzzle Stand to display your Stenzzles creation.

A nice game for any puzzle fan who likes to display their finished work.

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