Got the Blues… PAD #1053

Got the Blues... PAD #1053

Today was day one of the conference. My feet are killing me. Standing around for hours talking to tons of people can be fun but it is a killer on the feet. Tomorrow we are going to be on our feet even longer as we are going to the House of Blues for a customer appreciation night. It should be fun.

I wanted to get a jump on the blues feel so I stopped at B.B. King’s House of Blues. I did the on my own thing because I was tired and didn’t want to stay out all night waiting to eat. I am so glad I stopped there. I had the most amazing food. Fried Pickles are one of my most favorite appetizers. These were perfectly made and tasted so good. I also learned a great way to eat them too. Fried Dill Pickle chips, fried with a tasty coating and then dipped in BBQ sauce, then Honey Mustard and a couple of splashes of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

I also got to sit at the tables right at the stage. There was a Blues Band tuning up throughout my meal and they started jamming towards the end of the meal. They rocked! A great night.

Today I wrote a couple of guest posts. One on the IZEA Blog all about my night with Courtney, Alli, Trevor and Mary at Downtown Disney as part of my mini B.A.T. series. The other guest post was my new feature at FuelMyBlog. We call it 5 questions with BenSpark. Check them out. Also please read the post below as it is my entry in the latest Blogging Battle Royale through IZEA. It is all about charities and causes that I talk about on this blog. I hope it does well but more so I hope that people take the time to read about Mike Machinski and nominate him for the American Cancer Society courage award.

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4 thoughts on “Got the Blues… PAD #1053”

  1. Sounds and looks like you’re enjoying yourself. The Blues would be something that Mom and I would enjoy. Stay safe, Drew. Allison says the (other grandparents) are wearing Eva out. I’m sure they are enjoying the time with her.

  2. Thanks Dad,
    I’m in for another long day and night. But since work helped get me here I can’t and won’t complain much, other than my feet hurting. I think you and Mom would like the restaurant it was really nice. The music was fun too.

  3. Martin,
    It certainly is very very rough on the feet. I have two more days of it too. Glad you like the layout. I tried to keep it simple.

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