17 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 09/09/07”

  1. Hi Drew,

    Thats another nice image, good background as it throws out the flower head.
    How you doing with your images for your next project?

    Cheers Mark

  2. WOW…what a neat shot! Thanks for the idea of photowalking…great idea for a 21st century form of exercise…I’m gonna try it!

  3. Hi Drew,
    I think that flower seedheads make great photo subjects. This is a lovely photo as always.
    sara from farmingfriends

  4. Hi Mark,
    Still working on some time for the other project but I’ll hopefully get to it. I like how the colors on this one make the flower pop.

  5. Julie,
    I hope you enjoy photowalking, it certainly is a fun time and a good form of exercise as well, I hadn’t thought of that.

  6. Sara,
    I am glad you like it. And I am happy to see you visit each week. I look forward to the comments that you leave. Thanks.

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