Grooming Time… PAD #1067

No commentary today. Totally forgot to do it.

Today was the first day back after vacation. 5:30am came, and went, quickly. Even though I set the alarm I must have screwed something up.

Getting back to work wasn’t that bad. I caught up on my work e-mails and other items.

Back home Eva impressed my Mom and Shelby with her ability to roll from tummy to back. Shelby came up to visit and watched Eva while Allison got an eye exam. She was playing with Eva when I got home.

I can speed read. Yesterday I picked up Deep Storm, a book by Lincoln Child. I read about 350 pages between the two flights. The method of speed reading I know involves using your middle, ring and pinky fingers to slide across the page under the line you are reading. You do not have to read each word in your head either. Your mind sees each word and you can pick out true meaning as you read. It is fun. I need to do it more often. The book was very good and I finished it today. Probably would have been more of an impact on me if I had the time to finish it last night. I guess my speed was not fast enough.

Being home also means taking care of things that need being looked after. Oliver and Duncan need some attention and that includes nails.
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