Hanging with Ted Murphy

This should be titled How to not interview someone.

Hanging with Stephanie Agresta, Ted Murphy and David Brim
Hanging with Stephanie Agresta, Ted Murphy and David Brim

I got to spend some quality time with Ted Murphy of IZEA and I had never interviewed him before so I figured I would ask. Well, I thought about asking him for an interview, I never thought about what to ask him. Anyway this is how it went.

10 thoughts on “Hanging with Ted Murphy”

  1. Great interview, Drew! HA! I loved the outtakes. Thanks for including those with the “real” interview. 🙂 Ted has to be one of the most approachable CEOs, ever.

  2. Ya’ll are so hilarious. I’ve enjoyed watching all your videos Drew, and you definably need some que cards! LOL You’ll be better prepared for things next time. Write out basic interview questions beforehand and just ad-lib as necessary. I’m sure you know all that though. 🙂

  3. Chica,
    Allison said to me on the ride home that if she hadn’t known that we weren’t drinking that she would have suspected that we were. I’ve got to get myself a set of questions to ask people when I see them, I was prepared to be a moderator for IZEAFest but not ready for an impromptu interview with Ted.

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