Happy Father’s Day with Simba and Mufasa

Can you feel the love?

Overall I think that it is sad that the government has a site to instruct dads on how to be fathers. On the other hand it is a good thing because so many men need the help and support to be dads. Personally I love being a dad and had a great role model growing up. I hope that I can be that for Eva and that she’s learning good things from me as she grows.

I have a special PSA from the upcoming re-release of The Lion King that is for Fatherhood.gov. I went to the site hoping to find some good resources but as with anything government related the work hasn’t been done and the information is not there. There are so many coming soon pages on the site that I thought it was 1996. Come on, get some real dads in there working on this site. The only thing I saw there was the Fatherhood pledge and a page that said read to your kids. Very weak. But, like I said this is not a site for Dad’s who don’t need government instruction on how to be great dads and love their kids.

The PSA is cute though. Too bad the site it directs you to is not that useful.

What I can get behind however is the re-release f The Lion King. We don’t own this DVD and this is Allison’s favorite Disney movie. she is very excited to share the experience of this with Eva. The movie comes back to theaters in 3D on September 16th and then comes to Blu-ray & Blu-ray 3D October 4th.

Disney movies are traumatic in that parents often die in them and the main character needs to come to their birthright without that support and instruction. For The Lion King young Simba is born into the pride led by his father the mighty and just Mufasa. When Mufasa dies Simba is old enough to remember some very special moments with his father and this sustains and inspires him in times of despair. Here are some great clips from the movie that show the interactions between Mufasa and Simba.

Simba Wakes Mufasa

Morning Lesson with Mufasa

Simba’s Pouncing Lesson

There is also a set of fun activities that you can do with your kids on Father’s Day.

Download Printable Activities!

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  1. Hey, I’m really behind in all things blogging, including reading. But I have to say I too an VERY excited about this rerelease! My BFF who grew up in Africa has this movie on VHS. We don’t have a VHS player. I have been looking to borrow a DVD from SOMEONE to show it to Fuller. Now that I know it is coming back out (thanks to your post) I’m doing a happy dance because it’s coming out around his birthday! Thanks for posting this. Loin King ROCKS!

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