He Said: Heroes 04/30/07

Claire, Bennett, The Haitian, Micah, Hiro, Ando, Nathan…. All Dead!

If you haven’t watched last night’s Heroes. Stop reading!

Last night’s episode of Heroes gave us a look 5 years in the future. That is 5 years from the day of the bomb exploding in New York. What do we learn from the future. We learn so many things.

First up we will deal with Hiro, he is the linchpin in this whole thing. Hiro has spent the past 5 years attempting to find the exact moment to return to the past to change the fate of the future. The giant timeline that is in Issac’s apartment is more of a time web. If Hiro changes one event then he can move the web to show how that event changed things. When present day Hiro and Ando arrive all hell breaks loose.

Parkman is now working for the government rounding up the special people. He has become a hard ass and is working with the Haitian. He is in charge of the task force to round up the Special people so they can be cured of the genetic trait that makes them special. Parkman captures Past Hiro while Future Hiro and Ando escape.

Future Hiro and Ando travel to Las Vegas to seek the help of Peter Petrelli. They arrive at a strip club where Nikki is dancing under the name Jessica. She is not happy to see Hiro and a humorous exchange between Ando and Nikki ensues, or at least on Ando’s part. When Hiro and Ando leave Peter, who was sitting at the bar invisible the whole time, de-cloaks and talks to Nikki. They are lovers now. Micah is dead and D.L. is either underground or dead. D.L.’s fate is not truly revealed however I tend to believe that he is dead because of events later in the show. Peter has a huge scar across his face. Looks like it was put there by a sword…

We catch up to Bennett (Sans HRG) who is helping specials hide from the government. He is still protecting his baby girl Claire (sporting auburn hair). Claire is working as a waitress in Midland Texas.

Nathan Petrelli is now the President of the United States. He is forcing Mohinder to come up with a cure for the specials, however that is not possible so the plan is to round them all up and kill them.

Apparently what happened in the past was that Sylar blew up New York and killed over half the people who were there. The day that Hiro returns is 5 years to the day of that explosion. And throughout the course of the show we hear about what happened to each hero.

During the round up of the specials Parkman comes to Bennett. They both know that Claire has been protected in the past five years. There is a nice exchange between Parkman and Bennett and we learn that Parkman’s wife had a baby boy named Matthew. Then Parkman executes Bennett. I was not happy to know that.

Then Parkman captures Claire, she was supposed to get out of town with some fake credentials that her father, Bennett, gave her. But instead she is returned to her father, Nathan. And in one of the biggest reveals ever on the show we find that Nathan is actually Sylar in disguise. Sylar then kills Claire. I now understand the twisted painting of Nathan Petrelli in the Oval Office that Sylar painted. That was a very cool twist. So we know that Nathan died, Sylar also must have killed the shape shifting chick too.

We also learn that Peter Petrelli was the man who blew up. And his brother Nathan covered it up. So in the next 3 episodes we will either see Nathan killed or saved from Sylar.

Future Hiro and Ando are captured and are rescued by Peter Petrelli. Peter has certainly gotten a control of his powers in the Past 5 years. Peter, Ando and Future Hiro attempt to save past Hiro so he can go back to the past. However Mohinder is ordered by Nathan Petrelli to kill past Hiro. Luckily Mohinder has actually wised up in the past five years and he realizes that the last issue of 9th wonder comic book is actually a prediction of what should happen. So at the last second Mohinder kills the Haitian, and sets Past Hiro free.

Future Hiro and Peter take on all the guards in the complex. Rather than stop time the opt to fight it out. It was very difficult to see a hard Hiro, a desperate Hiro and not the idealistic Hiro we know and love. That Hiro died with the death of his best friend Ando in the Bomb Explosion.

Just as Future Hiro is about to tell Past Hiro how to get back he is shot and killed. Peter is suddenly ripped through the doorway by Nathan Petrelli. Nathan then reveals himself to be Slyar and a great showdown is about to begin between Peter and Sylar. One thing I noticed that was pretty cool was that Peter’s hands started glowing orange/red and Slyar’s were glowing blue/purple. I found that cool because those were the colors for Optimus Prime’s Vibro Axe (Orange) and Megatron’s Energon Mace (Purple) in one of the first episodes of the Transformers.

The whole episode was very very cool. Allison has been reading the online comic and told me that there is much more backstory on the characters within that comic. I need to go and read it.

In the end Hiro returns to the present. Can he change the future. The previews of the next three weeks were very cool and we learn of another new Hero. A you g girl named Molly. Could she be pivotal in the race to stop Sylar. Does Hiro Kill Sylar, 9th wonder seems to say that he does, but then how could that be accurate and keep our attention?

Till next week. That was He Said Heroes 4/30/07.