Heights – PAD #1008

I’m on the 15th floor of the Marriott in Covington, KY. I’m not a fan of heights. The hotel is completely wide open in the middle and I shy away from the railings as they are much to low for me. I have this fear that I will fall from a great height. But yet have no fear of flying or hiking mountains. I don’t fear the glass elevator either. Weird.

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8 thoughts on “Heights – PAD #1008”

  1. Drew, Your fear of heights is most likely due to your father draging you up on roofs to work when you young. I guess you won’t be painting the trim on the cape house. Have a sfe trip home.

  2. Heather, I know exactly, exactly how you feel about this. I look over the edge and a surge of adrenaline goes through me.

  3. You got that right, I’ll help paint the low stuff. I can’t even watch you paint the high stuff. It is worse watching someone else up on a high place.

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