HIMYM: Miracles

Recap/Review – Spoilers

I finally got a chance to watch How I Met Your Mother. The season finale was okay. It was not phenomenal but it was okay. I’m getting a bit sick of Ted and having him break up with Stella at the beginning of the episode was pure Ted. And I mean it was irritating and childish and he just hasn’t grown up at all. Then Ted gets into a car accident and ends up absolutely fine without a scratch at all. Marshall, Lilly, and Robin get the call that Ted was in an accident and they drop everything and rush to the hospital. Once they get there they see Ted munching on some Jello, happy as can be. He’s had an epiphany and while his life was flashing before his eyes he only saw what he loved. And there he realizes that he loves Stella.

Marshall’s story with the head lice was pretty much filler, not that funny. His constantly saying miracle was a little ridiculous too. But Robin’s reason for not believing in miracles was sad and funny. The fact that it took her longer than she was was proud of to figure out the switch was a riot. Lilly had very little to do int he episode. Nope, this one was about Ted and his love of Stella.

Eventually Barney is told about Ted being in an accident and Barney heads out to the hospital. He runs the whole way and as he is crossing the street to the hospital he is hit by a bus. And the best reveal of the episode, even better than the cliffhanger was when Marshall and Lilly were taunting Barney about what he must have seen when his life flashed before him. And I called it, he is in love with Robin.

Oh yeah and Ted ‘proposes’ to Stella. Is she the ‘Mother’? Not sure. I don’t think so though. We shall see next season what will happen.

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  1. Yeah, you were right about Barney Loving Robin. Hopefully this will mean more screen time for the two of those characters in the upcoming season. Aside from Sandcastles in the Sand, Robin has been lacking this season.

    Ultimately for next season we know that at some point Marshall and Lily will move out, Robin and a goat will move in, Ted will still be a single schmuck. Also, my hope is that with time, the writers will be able to rewrite Ted into less of a cliche. Lastly, I feel Stella won’t be the mother. She’s still under contract with Scrubs, which is moving to ABC, and she isn’t the girl in the yellow umbrella. Of course, I was wrong about the whole Barney/Robin thing, so who knows.

    Off topic, the Crab Man picture is well done.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Let’s see, I agree with many of your points. Actually I agree with all of them. Especially Ted being a cliche. He is also a shmuck and was much better season one. But now that we’ve gotten to know him, well he’s turned out to be a shmuck. I hope they unshmuckify(sp) him next season.

  3. Hi Chelle,
    Glad you liked my recaps, I tend to write about the TV shows I enjoy watching and do a recap/review after each show. Come on back for more whenever.

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