HIMYM: The Chain of Screaming

The Chain of Screaming was actually a pretty good episode. It served to do a couple of things. It ended up advancing the story of Lily and Marshall. We see now how Marshall’s life made a change and we saw a big friendship moment between Ted and Marshall.

Having each character (Except Barney) put on Marshall’s suit and go through their daydream about what they would say to Artillery Arthur was funny. However the Robin and the gun thing was pretty uncomfortable with all the office shootings we have had in this country. But again it shows Robin’s thing for big guns.

I have found that when I correct someone now I step back and say, Oh I just Mosby-ed you, I’m sorry. I love how when Ted was doing his speech he Mosby-ed himself, that was pretty funny.

And Lily, she was hilarious this episode with how horny she was. Her story completely degenerated into how absolutely sexually frustrated she was which was pretty funny.

And Barney with his continued revising of his theory of the Chain/Circle/Pyramid of screaming. It was pretty funny. Then having Barney have Marshall scream at him was even better. Marshall puts out there all the things that has made Barney such a screwed up person over the years. Barney was so oblivious to it because he believes these lies about himself.

So, next week it looks like we are gonna get some more Robin Sparkles, fantastic.

You can watch the episode on CBS.com.

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  2. Hey Kari,
    Yeah, next week the Robin Sparkles episode, that was a funny one the first time around, I wonder what music will get stuck in our heads this time.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Of course I do not mind at all. Your post was great and thanks for adding the images and everything, I added you to the blogroll as well.

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