How You Get in the Putnam Club

How you get in the Putnam Club
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Our COIVD tests came back negative so we are in the clear at this point. Because of that I was able to go and get my first vaccine today. My vaccine was administered at Gillette Stadium in the Putnam Club, a special VIP club at the stadium and it overlooks the field. I have only been in the stadium once before and that was for a Jimmy Buffet concert years ago and we were WAY up there on the bleachers. way up there. The view from The Putnam club was really nice.

Everything went pretty well for the vaccination. Things were very well organized and the actual shot was quick and painless. Then I had to sit for 15 minutes in case there was any reaction. I had no reaction but lots of things go through your mind as you sit there. Am I feeling strange? But, I was okay and was able to get there and get back, get my next appointment too and was done. One month from now I’ll be fully vaccinated.