Husband of the year… (compared to this guy)…

The other week I was talking with a friend that I work with. She is getting married soon and has been preparing for her wedding since the proposal day. Probably some time before that too. Well, her fiance had 10 days off of work. My friend asked her fiance to take care of the Save the Date cards. He was to place the order through VistaPrint. This was the only thing that he was supposed to do. After 10 days, he had done nothing. So my friend had to order the save the dates herself.

Luckily for her she was using VistaPrint’s services and was able to easily create some beautiful save the dates. When she was telling this story I said to her, I know VistaPrint, I got some blogger business cards from them. She told me that they were much more than a company for business cards. They do so many printing services. They make things like rubber stamps, invitations, and even birthday invitations.

Eva’s birthday is still a while away (can’t have her growing up too fast) but if I was to get invitations for her I could use coupon code ‘BlogInvite10‘ to get 10 free invitations at checkout. Not a bad deal. Seeing as my business cards were free and if I upgraded they would have been only slightly more expensive I think that getting birthday invitations would be a pretty inexpensive endeavor as well. Looking at the prices it makes sense if you have many cards to get printed that you go with VistaPrint, you get some great volume discounts.

4 thoughts on “Husband of the year… (compared to this guy)…”

  1. Their prices were really decent on many items. Next time I need something printed for a convention or something, I am going with VistaPrint.

  2. you should all check for prinitng products. I did business magnets there, paid very little and got a great product. I heard they also offer free business cards deal – worth checking out.

    as for wedding invitation, that’s something I wouldn’t order online. When I’ll get married, I think I rather site with a graphic designer so he could sense the needs and create something to much it. Wedding is too important! 🙂

  3. I will have to check that place out. I do have to disagree with the wedding invites, really, a graphic designer, no thanks. What a waste for something that many people are going to throw away. We made our own wedding invites anyway. So much cheaper and they meant more.

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