I may be jumping the gun…

But as I think about Eva growing up I am going to have to start thinking about allowances. And well, the nickels from my pocket change aren’t going to cut it so I’m going to have to give her something substantial for her doing chores. It is a long way off from that but I probably should start saving for her allowance now because God knows how much things are going to cost when she is old enough for an allowance. Luckily I can have some help in setting aside money for her allowance with Pay Jr. With PAYjr I can set aside money electronically to give to Eva for doing her weekly chores. I can even set up a Chore Chart with Pay Jr and print that out for Eva to manage her weekly chores.

There are two types of cards for PAYjr. there is the 12 and under card (the one I would be using sooner) and the 13 and over card (which I will have to fund also). The 12 and under card can be a Target gift card and since Eva will most likely be a Target kid this works out perfectly for us. I really want to do well in teaching Eva to manage money and I think the PAYjr site can help. For one thing, we can chart her chore progress together and she can see how much she is owed because she completed her chores, there is also additional financial education aspects tot he site and a way that some of the allowance can be set aside as savings and some for spending. I think that striking the right balance between the two is going to be a very important thing to establish early on.

Another nice thing about the site is the ability to send alerts when payment should be added as well as when chores should be completed. These alerts can go to both parents and children. We are living in a digital age and you may think that it is impersonal but I think it is going to be one great way to enhance communication.

4 thoughts on “I may be jumping the gun…”

  1. Don’t tell me that having your child do chores is seen as child labor violations, that is ridiculous. Children should do chores and learn to earn their own money. I certainly hope that you are kidding.

  2. Do we seriously need to track out children’s chores on the internet. Really it is bad enough we expect schools to raise out kids and teach them about drugs etc. Do we need to outsource chore tracking I don’t think so.

    I am pretty damn sure I can tell if my tina has Mopped the floor or not. I also don’t have to save up money to pay my kids for their chores. I have a good job and invest wisely. What is that rate of return on this chore account. I am guess bond of CD would be much better.

    This is another example of Web 2.0 playing on people. Sure childs should learn responsibility through chores but why involve the internet. The is dumb. Put up a white board use flash cards.

    You whole life need no be on the internet. Go outside find a tree unplug. You will feel better. We are raising children not cybors. Let the child decide when they need technology. Loading kids up with tech is a mistake. Go out on the street and as a kid what the square root of 9 is 75% will not know because we let them use calculators the other 25% will pull out their PDA’s and tell you 3.

    Rediculous. It sickens me.

  3. Now here is a comment that I must comment on.

    Well Dick, it is hard to take you seriously about moving “offline” and helping our children become more intelligent by unplugging when your comment is rife with spelling errors and simple grammar mistakes. Most of the comment is practically unreadable. Good luck with your new blog.

    Yes you stir up controversy with your friend Tommy Tantrum and your brand new blog. And you will get some people to link to you because you are so edgy. Cell Phones Suck? Really, is this news? It sounds like you are recycling old material from really bad comedians.

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