I’m an IZEA Insider

Ted Murphy's Vision Restored My SightI found out a few days ago that I was selected to be one of the 10 IZEA insiders. The groups consists of 9 other very talented bloggers. Almost all of them I have met personally too and I really like. We are each awaiting more information from IZEA about what our roles will entail. One thing I know for sure is that we will be recruiting some crews, a group of bloggers associated with an insider. I know that eventually we’ll have gifts and prizes to give to our crews or for contests and such. I can promise that I’ll be a very dedicated IZEA Insider and if you are interested in being part of the “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” Crew then please let me know.

8 thoughts on “I’m an IZEA Insider”

  1. Hi,

    I met Ted at BlogWorld Expo 2008 after videotaping Mike Shinoda and Timothy Ferriss’s keynote speech on Sunday. I blogged about that show here: http://donotreadthisblogunless.blogspot.com/

    Ted’s cereal promotion is brilliant!

    I’m following you on Twitter, so keep me posted on your progress on being an ‘insider’ at Izea. I’m also on ‘SocialSpark’ after attending SEO Strategies in San Jose, CA.

    Now I’m being ‘followed’ on Twitter by Sir Richard Branson! I have nine monetized blogs, and a business hosting account on HostGator, and am starting my real website from scratch! I haven’t a clue how to build web pages, but that isn’t stopping me from jumping in with both feet.

    Respectfully, nachase

  2. Thanks Lenny, I’ve added you to the facebook group. I don’t know how the official setting up of the crews will work but for now I’m keeping people whom I would like to be a part of my crew (and I am building that slowly everyone) in the facebook area.

  3. Thanks very much Tim.
    Do you work at all with Social Spark? I get the sense that you are more of an independent. However I’d be honored if you were part of my crew.

  4. Hi Nicholas,
    Thanks so much for following me on Twitter. I was also at Blog World Expo. I’ve been on board with IZEA back when they were PayPerPost and I’m always looking for good people to become part of my crew. Let me know if you are interested and send me a friend request on Social Spark, You can look for the name BenSpark.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I’d love to have you on my crew. I sent you a friend request on Facebook and will add you to the I’m Not A Famous Blogger Crew.

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