I’m Not A Famous Blogger. The T-Shirt

Non Famous Bloggers

You’ve heard about bloggers who are making tons of money online. Well, what about those of us who make a modest amount, enjoy blogging regardless and want to let people know about their blogs too. I know that I’m Not A Famous Blogger so I went and got myself a T-Shirt Made up to state that.

The back says my blog’s url, and you can order one too and customize it to have your blog URL on the back. I’m Not a Famous Blogger and I’m Proud of that fact.

9 thoughts on “I’m Not A Famous Blogger. The T-Shirt”

  1. Great job Drew!!!

    I love the T-shirt and wondered what was on the back… thought it might say ‘yet’. It’s so perfect for each crew member to be able to personalize it with their own URL on the back.

    You’ve put a lot of thought and work into this unique ‘IZEA’ and have proven you’ll be a perfect insider – I’d say you’re a ‘shoe-in’!

    GO INAFB Team!!!

  2. Thanks Heather,
    I had thought about putting, Yet on the back, and that certainly is a great thing to put there. But I put my blog address with the idea that members of the “crew” could put their blog addresses on the backs of their shirts. Or anyone who wanted to buy one could do their own blog addresses.

    I hope I get picked, this opportunity is a fantastic one that I would love to have.

  3. The subtitle of the site sounds awfully familiar .mmmmm…… where have I heard of a blog with a similar name.

    Lennys last blog post..FYE

  4. Lenny,
    Hmmm I am not sure, I must have seen it on the web somewhere. Subtitle actually needs to be changed because this is no longer a top secret project. The cat has been let out of the bag.

  5. You should change the subtitle everyday so people keep coming back to see it or make a hundred or so and randomize it so even if you go back to the main page after a minute it is different. Do you read “Get fuzzy ” ? You put a cat in a bag I am not sure Bucky will be happy with you.

    Lennys last blog post..FYE

  6. That sounds like a good idea. I do read that comic on Sundays. My cats love the bag, they can’t find their way out of them either, especially the paper ones.

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