It’s my birthday week

It's my birthday week
Photo-A-Day #1278

Today I reported for jury duty. I got there pretty early and found a place to park. The map and directions that I was given were not very good. All the spaces at the courthouse were marked with reserved. Who were they reserved for? I never did find the answer to that. Apparently if you are at the Superior Courthouse in Fall River you can park on the street where the parking meters are and you will not get a ticket. If you get a ticket you can bring it back inside the courthouse that can take care of the ticket for you.

I’ve been summoned to jury duty once before but I was not chosen. In fact I was merely there for a little while and then sent home, we were all sent home. However, today that was not the case. I was there for the entire day and was selected for jury duty for the rest of the week and that’s all I can tell you. What I can tell you is that I did not spend much of my time writing up about pages for each of my blogs. So I did make good use of my time. I also began reading my new book The Imagineers Workout. The book is all about creativity and how to tap your creativity.

On my way home I stopped by my comic book store and picked up a few books. It’d been a while since I’ve been there last. So I have quite a few to read this evening. When I got home it was in time for Allison to go to work. I then took Eva for a walk around the neighborhood. I also took my camera so that we could take some pictures. We didn’t take many on the walk but when we got home we took some in various places in the backyard and in the front yard. Since this is Eva’s birthday week I’ll feature a few pictures of her for my Photo-A-Day. Besides, she’s too cute to pass up for pictures.
And the expressions that this kid comes up with, just too cute.

What isn’t cute right now is that she will not go to sleep and mama is out at knitting so it’s up to dadda to make sure that she gets some sleep. Of course at the moment she’s downstairs with my mom because mom came up and woke her up right after she went to sleep. She was inconsolable and could not get back to bed. In the meantime I am here testing out Dragon naturally speaking and this is the fastest I’ve ever typed the entire blog post. Of course I’m not really typing. (Also there were a few errors that Allison pointed out to me. If you ever see an error you can mark the page up with gooseGrade.)

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