Japanese Hot Dogs in Boston’s Chinatown

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Today I got up and caught the train to Boston to meet up with my pal Rob Merlino, aka The Hot Dog Man. We were off to Chinatown for some hot dogs. Yeah, I said Chinatown. We went to the Fei Fan Eatery on 42 Beach Street, Boston. Rob had heard about Fei Fan Eatery from Chowhound and figured we should go and check it out. This was a first for me, I’ve had all sorts of interesting toppings on my hot dog but the toppings on these hot dogs were really unique.

Rob and I arrived in Boston at 10:00 and then found the restaurant. We were there early because they open at 11:00am. We hung around and talked to a few people. There was a dumpling shop, sushi place and a cell phone store all in this one spot. It was a very interesting place. The Fei Fan Eatery was actually about 200 square feet and has one 4 seat table but tons of flavor. There were so many cool combinations to try.

We met the owner and then she recommended to us some delicious choices. Rob chose the Crazy dog and I chose the Cheesy dog. The owner, Leiko, brought those dogs to us as well as the Avana dog. The funny thing is that I would not have chosen that dog but it was my favorite of the bunch. Rob and I split them all so we got to taste everything. Leiko even brought out a Takosaki (sp) appetizer. It was octopus and it was delicious.

I’ve got a video ready to go up and will post it as soon as Rob posts his Hot Dog Story.

Tonight Allison and I met with some friends and we are starting a CSA. CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. We’re starting one with some friends and are pretty excited about it. We’ll be posting more about it as things begin to come together. We’ll be working on the harvest and packing the shares and we’re really looking forward to this.

Also, I got selected to be on the Johnsonville Grill Greats blogger panel! I’m pretty excited about this new opportunity.

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