Joyful Noise at Eva’s Birthday Party

Joyful noise
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01013

Tonight was Eva’s birthday party. she wanted to have her friends over to watch Beetlejuice. The cake is also a Beetlejuice themed cake. Allison made a 6 layer cake, it was enormous! We picked up two full sheet pizzas from Apollon and one small cheese, no sauce for one of Eva’s friends.

Eva and her friends

I set the girls up with the movie Beetlejuice in the back yard with the new projector. I guess it worked okay, but the girls really did not do too much watching. They did plenty of laughing and screaming. Joyful laughter, the best kind.

Evas Cake

One of the girls that came over has a brother in Andy’s class and that boy came over too so that they could watch a movie together and play, too. They watched Space Jam. It was a great night for everyone. Wish I didn’t have to leave for work and could have watched it all, but I definitely heard it all.