Last Capron Park Food Truck Night of The Summer

At The Food Truck Night
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01691

Tonight was the last night for Food Trucks at Capron Park for the Summer. I decided that it was time for a mental health day so I called out to work so I could enjoy this night with the family. We walked over and everyone got $20 to go and purchase their own meals. We got their early enough so that the lines were not too long. Eva went with her tried and true pick of Friskies Fries and their General Tso’s chicken fries. Allison got a lobster roll and I picked up Mexican Street Corn Lobster nachos. They were actually less than her lobster roll but were packed with so much lobster. It was the best thing that I had ever had at the Food Truck event.

Mexican Street Corn Lobster Nachos

Andy also went off on their own. Andy had their cell phone and so would text us. Andy took photos of each of the food truck menus so that they could make a decision on what to eat. Although, in the end Andy choose a burger and wasn’t that thrilled with it. Andy did later on go and get some Kona ice with all the red flavors in it. They seemed to like that more.

On the way out Allison and I got a chocolate churro with a cookie and vanilla ice cream. It was a very tasty dessert. We had a nice night there enjoying all that there was to offer at the event. So much fun.