Lost: 03/07/07

Lost is the only show I stay up to watch now. I try and get some sleep early all the other nights of the week but Lost is for watching, no matter when it is on. It is also for some popcorn made in a large pot on the stove.

Although I liked most of last night’s episode I think that the idiot award goes to Locke for pushing buttons. Can the man leave anything alone? I’d like to know what happened to all the animals after Locke pushed the 77 code. There were a bunch of cows and a horse. And I cannot believe that Locke and Kate came out of that house with nothing useful. How is that possible. There were tons of useful items in the Flame station but nothing is useful now.

What I don’t get is how each of these people acts so independently of each other, there is no communication going on. I would have thought that Sayid would have mentioned that the entire Flame Station was wired with C4. That is a detail I would have wanted to know. And what is up with Locke leaving the prisoner to go play chess. Had he watched this week’s Heroes he would have know to keep a closer eye on his prisoner. Here is a rule of thumb, when you let your guard down while watching someone you captured they will get the better of you. It is a rule, learn it.

I did like the ping pong story and the interaction of everyone on the beach with Sawyer. I liked how Sawyer said to new girl, “Where did you come from” and then they cut to “Zorro” and he’s all miffed. I also enjoyed that the rules of the contest were that if Sawyer lost he couldn’t use nicknames for a week. That was pretty funny. Nicknames are Sawyer’s thing and most of the time cut right to the quick about a person. Without that way of shielding and distance himself from the group he’s going to have to get by with using their real names and losing that part of himself that keeps that distance. I knew it would be Hurley who was the good ping pong player too.

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